About the Product

Giclée Prints:

The term "giclée" is French and translates as "sprayed ink" and refers to a fine art printing process using only archival and professional grade inks and paper.  This printing process will far outlast traditional darkroom and photo lab prints.  Lori's images are available in a variety of formats, sizes and price ranges.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact her.

Matted Photographs

~  Custom giclée photographs are printed in studio by the photographer.
Only archival & acid free materials are used in the presentation of this artwork, assuring no harmful      
     fumes will damage or discolor artwork over time.
The mat is archival, acid free, soft white mat board which fits nicely into any decor.  A double mat offers 
     extra depth to matted photographs 8 x 10 and larger.
Every mat  is hand signed by the photographer.
An acid free, stiff, foam core backing protects the photograph from bending & damage.
On the back of every photo, is a brief artist's bio, information about the photograph, contact information     
    and the frame size.
Every mat is intentionally designed to fit a standard size picture frame, so custom framing is not necessary.
A crystal clear, archival, fitted bag protects the artwork during handling.

Framed Photographs

~  Lori's matted photographs are taken one step further to create a finished product.
~  Black wood frames made from poplar nicely compliment the artwork & fit into most any decor.
~  A brown paper dust cover seals the back of the framed photograph for a more professional appearance, while 
    protecting the artwork from dust & dirt.
~  On the back of every photo is a brief artist's bio, information about the printing process, storage & display
    details, image title, the photographer's contact information and frame dimensions.

 Canvas Gallery Wraps / "Image Wraps"

~  The canvas is a creative way to exhibit my photographs without the glare of glass, the distraction of a mat and 
    picture frame so you are only looking at the image.  
~  The image wraps around the outside of the frame so when you walk in the room, you are immediately enjoying
    the image, even from an angle, rather than seeing the edge of a picture frame.  If you prefer, a gallery wrap can
    still be framed in a "floating frame".
~  Using the same "giclee" process, all printing is archival and acid free.  The newer canvas offers more contrast
    and bright colors compared to the older, linen canvases.
~  Each canvas is wired and ready to hang on the wall.  Attached to the back is the photographer's bio, a bit about
    the print and how to care for your canvas.  To clean, simply wipe gently with a microfiber cloth... no cleaners or
    anything wet.    

Canvas Gallery Wraps as Triptychs:

Select your favorite image and we can discuss size and the best way to split up the image for printing.  Each section of the image is wrapped separately and ready to hang on the wall.  This is a creative way to cover large spaces, like over a couch.  There are too  many options to list all possible combinations on the website.  Drop me an email with your image choice and idea on size and I'll send you samples of how the image will look in different proportions.  It'll be fun to work on this project together!


Metal Prints.....  

This new process infuses dyes directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets.  The results are STUNNING!  The prints are brilliant, vibrant, luminescent and sharp.  This is the only process I currently cannot perform myself, so I am sending out for this service.  Metal prints are available in standard and custom sizes and come signed and ready to hang on the wall and are also available with tabletop easels.  These prints are weatherproof and moisture proof, but are still sensitive to light so should be exhibited out of direct sunlight. 
As with any of my products, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.  Custom orders are encouraged.